Silicone lifespan

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Advice' started by maj, 8 Nov 2010.

  1. maj


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    Not sure if this was discussed in another thread.

    But how long does silicone in a marine tank actually last?
    Obviously our tanks had to be built with marine silicone,but does that have a lifespan?

    just makes me wonder when i hear about tanks leaking.
    I get scared of even cleaning the glass of my tank to close to the corners
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  3. leslie hempel

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    7 May 2007
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    bostik gives a 10 year lifespan on their marine glue, i would say this is true if the seals are asumersed and not allowd to dry out.. but with that being said i have seen tanks run for longer.. one of my tanks failied on the 10 year mark but it was poorly braced and dident have an extra angle to bond agains t at the bottom so just the vertical pane touching the base.

    the seam let go after i had sold the tank in the presence of the new owner. we fixed it and the tank is still going today 14 years later. so i would say alot of things come into play.. workmanship, thickness of glass /bond area UV exposure etc etc.
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