Urgent help needed Sick lipstick tang

Discussion in 'Urgent Help Needed' started by Melray, 13 Dec 2015.

  1. Melray


    6 Dec 2015
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    we found our lipstick tang resting on the bottom of our display tank, no visible signs. He ate normally a few hours before and was in the quarantine tank, with copper running thru it for four weeks as he was a new introduction. What should we be looking for?
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    10 May 2015
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    when dosing copper products i (in my opinion only) when first adding the copper treatment to the tank you add a dose each day for so many days to build up the copper in the water slowly and the fish gets more and more use to the treatment getting stronger and stronger, keeping it in the tank then adding a new fish to this high consentration could be a big shock to the fish and do more harm than good, after each treatment ( fish is gone from the treatment tank) you need to remove that copper from the water ready to start the new treatment next time you require, hope this helps just my personal opinion

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