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8 May 2007
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Sicce isn’t new to the aquarium pump game by any means and they’re constantly churning out new products. So anytime we can get out hands on their newest offerings we’ve obviously got to give them a whirl.

The XStream-E propeller pump is at top of Sicce’s new lineup offerings with uncompromising flow rate and ludicrously low power consumption. The “E” flavor of propeller pumps joins the venerable Sicce Voyager HP10, the Voyager Nano, and a whole suite of XStream pumps with fixed flow rates.

Unique to the XStream-E is the ability of the user to manually adjust the flow rate from 3,000 l/h to 8,000 l/h via the included 24 volt DC variable controller. The controller provides most things you’ve come to expect from a variable DC pump like short, medium, long pulse, and random cycle modes along with simply turning flow up or down at a constant rate.

I’ve had this new model on my home (Reefbuilders Test System) aquarium for well over a month now and can give an honest opinion of how it has performed. The first and most (un)noticable is the sound. This is one extremely silent powerhead and by far its strongest attribute.

Controllability is easy enough with the included wired remote, but the silicone mounting doesn’t really cut it. My recommendation is throwing a strip of velcro in your preferred location and mounting that way. I was actually a little baffled by the oversight, I’d rather have had them just leave it out all together.

The basic performance and silence of the XStream-E is great but the various flow modes leave a lot to be desired and aren’t really worth mentioning. I can assume someone who’s never used another “wave pump” would be happy with the “Random” mode. I used them all a few times to test them out and ended up going back to a constant flow rate.
The pump being quiet, unobtrusive and well built are the main take aways of the Sicce XStream-E. I do have to say that little things like having a strong enough magnet that the pump doesn’t move unexpectedly shouldn’t blow me away but so often manufactures put in the most stingy mounting solutions.

With a maximum power draw of just 12 watts, it’s no surprise that no noticeable heat was added to the water upon introduction of the new gear, and I obviously didn’t see a spike in my electrical bill, so thats a good thing as well. I’d love to give a version of this pump/controller with more adjustability or control from other systems a try as I think it would be a real winner at this price point of $249.


Adjustable Flow
Programmable Currents
Ultra silent operation
High quality materials
Sound absorbing O-ring and mount to minimize vibration transfer
Powerful magnetic mount
Pre-lubricated and self cleaning impeller
Pure ceramic bearkings for long life
3+2 year warranty


Flow Rate – 5 speed modes ranging from 800 to 2250 gph
Dimensions – 2.08″ x 2.75″ x 2.44″
Power Consumption – 12 watts

What’s in the Box?

Controller Suction Cup Mount
Power Supply/ US Plug Adapter
Spiral Cord Protector
Silicone Mount Spacer
Warranty/Quality Control Card

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