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    The Sicce Wave Surfer is a new electronic propeller pump wavemaker intervalometer which allows you to get some different flow patterns with Sicce Voyager pumps. Designed to accommodate one or two of the unusual Hexjet Voyager 1-4, or more conventional large propeller bladed Voyager 10, the Sicce Wave Surfer will be able to handle 100 watts total. The Wave Surfer is as simple as it gets with one knob controlling the interval time, and the other knob adjusting the relative interval time between one pump and the other.

    The Sicce Wave Surfer appears to be have a minimum interval time of five seconds so don’t expect to be reproducing any real live waves. So far we’ve only gotten wind of the Sicce Wave Surfer with the mammoth 220v receptacle, but presumably this device could easily be fitted with North American 110v plugs, provided the circuitry can already handle a doubling of the electrical current. The Sicce Wave Surfer will retail in the price range of* 50-60 € ($67-80) and we’ve got a long musical promo video waiting for you after the break.

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