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    Sicce is no newcomer when it comes to making fine water pumps for our aquariums and we expected nothing less of their Sicce Voyager Nano. We first spotted the Voyager Nano in Sicce’s Aquarama booth in Singapore about a year ago and our enthusiasm for this tiny little water mover was well deserved and worth the wait.

    Coming in two ‘sizes’ the Voyager Nano models include a 2.8 watt Voyager Nano 1000 rated at 1000 liters per hour and a Voyager Nano 2000, using three watts to double the outflow. Seeing how much volume the larger Voyager Nano pushes for its diminutive size, it was smart of Sicce to just go ahead and make a second less powerful model to address the needs of the tiniest of the tiny nano reef tanks.

    The Voyager Nano is truly a tiny little water pump when held in the hand and it practically disappears when placed in the aquarium. The pump is affixed to the glass with more than enough magnet to keep it nice and still, with included rubber/silicone padding to absorb any potential vibrations. Unique to Sicce’s Voyager Nano is a three bladed propeller with minute ‘trailing tabs’ which presumably*reduce drag like in plane wings and whale fins.

    All the inherent features and details of the Voyager Nano aside, the only real tangible measure of the pump’s worth is how it works in an aquarium, and we are smitten. The pump seems to be thoroughly well-built and designed for use on nano aquariums but it should excel even at pushing water in medium sized aquariums. The tiny ball joint allows the Voyager’s ample flow to be directed with a wide degree of freedom throughout the tank and the pump is virtually silent.

    When used in the formation of Gyre Flow, the larger Sicce Voyager Nano is more than capable of producing water motion in up to a 30 inch long, 29 gallon aquarium. You’d probably want somewhat of a larger pump for flowing up a 24 inch cube but the ratio of the pump’s size to the size of tanks it can circulate is quite surprising.

    As small and quiet as the Voyager Nano is, the one thing that*will*remind you that it is in the aquarium is the generous amount of flow it produces and it’s the ‘right kind’ of flow for our liking. Some nano pumps may push the same volume on paper, but broad flow streams are easily dissipated and we favor the mildly concentrated flow stream of the Voyager Nano which doesn’t disappear after 10 or more inches of distance from the outlet of the pump.

    There’s been a bevy of*low power propeller pumps released recently, all with a range of sizes, outputs and power levels. But from what we have seen so far, the Sicce Voyager Nano is the tiny water mover to beat in the small and nano reef water mover category.

    FTC regulations require that we inform you that we were given this product for review, but our opinion of a product is never affected by how we acquire them.

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