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    Click here to view the embedded video.

    It was hard to tell the size of the Sicce Syncra HF water pumps from yesterday’s post, but the new official hands-on video from Sicce USA leaves no doubt that these pumps are monsters. Although the external shape of the Syncra HF looks like a regular powerhead, probably due to the synchronous motor design, they are still large enough to pump 2500 to 4200 gallons per hour.

    The Syncra HF video tells us a little more about this pump that we didn’t have to go on yesterday, like the safety feature where the Syncra HF will shut off and reset itself up to five times to clear obstructions from the rotor. Additionally, the Sicce Syncra HF has a filter behind the ceramic bearing plate that prevents unwanted particles from getting into the magnet shaft chamber, preventing premature wear and tear. We’re still waiting to hear what these will sell for when they begin shipping in the coming weeks.
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