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    It’s hard for internal aquarium filters to stand out but Sicce’s Shark ADV does just that with what else? Magnets. We’re all familiar with umpteen different ways to take an internal aquarium filter apart, usually of the locking, screw or snap-on kind but trying to do this while the filter is operating, inside the tank, is always a two-handed procedure.

    The Shark ADV from Sicce sports the same name as a long line of internal filters and it took the Sicce’s representatives insistence to show us the device’s hidden trick. The Shark ADVs mechanical filter chamber is magnetically coupled in a way which is very easily removed with just one hand, and replaced with equal speed and dexterity. The primary filtration chamber of the Shark ADV is 320 square centimeters but an additional magnetically retained chamber of 210cm^2 can be added to boost the filtration capacity.

    Perfect for quarantine tanks, small fish tanks and other applications where internal filters can keep up with moderate bioloads, the Sicce Shark ADV could be a trend setter in this area.


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