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    The Sicce LED lights are not like other reef aquarium fixtures, in appearance, form or in function. Therefore, it is only natural that this Italian-made LED light fixture be tested and reviewed in Italian reefing style.

    For more than 10 months a pair of the larger Sicce LED AM466 was run over a reef tank approximately equivalent to our US 120 gallon dimension, four feet long by two feet high and wide. The coverage provided by the army of diodes from just under three grand of aquarium lighting is quite exceptional as you would expect from a blanket of light with primary lenses only on the blue LEDs.

    [​IMG]The reviewer tackles many aspects of the Sicce LED’s unique approach to solid state reef aquarium lighting with all the pertinent comments on growth and PAR values but what we find amusing is the cost breakdown. At European pricing for the fixture and cost of electricity, it is shown that the Sicce LED would cost*€ 5,480 over ten years versus*€ 9,440 for a comparable metal halide set up and*€ 7,230 for T5s. But let’s face it, if you’re getting into a Sicce LED you’re doing it because it looks really cool and it grows some decent corals, not because it will save you money.

    The full review can be read on*Danireef

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