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    You got to give it to Sicce; they took a very different route with their LED lighting formula and while it remains one of the more exotic LEDs in the American aquarium market, it seems to be excelling as reef tank lighting across the pond in Italy.

    Take this SPS coral aquarium at an Italian reef shop which is built and designed with very modern, contemporary reefing methodology. Bare-bottom, minimal rock, full fledged filtration and a rimless aquarium are crowned by the elegant look of the Sicce LEDs all lined up in a neat bank of illumination.


    While the whole reefing world is more or less reaching for as many LED colors as possible, the coloration of these SPS corals is beyond impressive using only two. The Sicce LED’s carefully chosen high-powered blue LED color is backed up by an army of medium output, broad spectrum white LEDs.

    There must be thousands of diodes from the Sicce LEDs over this tank producing an extremely uniform light field, avoiding the disco ball effect that lenses can create, and evenly lighting the complicated shapes of these SPS corals. We’ve already had to find workaround solutions for diminishing the hard shadows created by LED lenses of other lights, such as adding supplemental LED strip lights at an angle from the primary lighting, but the Sicce LED light doesn’t have this problem.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the corals continue to grow once they become larger and more self-shading but for now, this is the nicest SPS reef tank we’ve seen in the two-LED-colors category.

    Sicce Led Lights In Italy - YouTube
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