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    Sicce USA has just announced a new two-part complete reef feeding program with its Sicce HyerKoral and Sicce Calcanus products. The system was designed to feed LPS and SPS corals, soft corals and other marine filter feeders.

    While we brought you information about HyperKoral a year ago, then produced under the AquaLife brand and called Hyper Coral. This formulation seems to be the same just rebranded under the Sicce name. As we shared in our first post, what is so special about HyperKoral is the use purified L-amino acids to minimize and eliminate having the beneficial amino acid stripped from the water column via protein skimming.

    Why does this matter? Most liquid amino acid supplements use a combination of L- and D-amino acids combined with peptide in chains. These chains get removed by the water via skimming, therefore removing the beneficial L-amino acid before it can be consumed by corals. Also worth noting, the D-amino acids are unused by most organisms leaving this in the system only to be consumed by bacteria and not corals. Using the pure version of the L-amino acids provide a usable form of amino acids and nothing else.

    The new component in the system is Calanus, a dry food made up from freeze dried marine copepods bearing the same name — Calanus. The copepods are harvested from the Arctic Ocean and are full of beneficial protein, lipids, minerals and astaxanthin to promote pigmentation. While this product is designed for reef systems, it can also be used to feed both fresh and saltwater fish larvae and smaller fish that would benefit from the copepod diet.

    One nice aspect of these products is they do not need to be refrigerated and can be stored at room temperature for up to a year. Sicce HyperKoral is available already and retails around $25 for a 50ml bottle and $35 for a 100ml bottle. As of now, we do not have pricing details for Sicce Calanus.

    Both products are available via your favorite Sicce dealer. We also saw a video uploaded that is allegedly a Sicce HyperKoral test tank. The test tank show corals with vivid coloration and growth and is a good indicator to the effectiveness of the product. The complete press release follows the video with more detail.

    Sicce Offers Complete Reef Feeding Program

    Knoxville, TN—Sicce-USA announces release of its new complete reef feeding program. The program consists of two products, Sicce HyperKoral and Sicce Calanus. Used together, these revolutionary products provide a total feeding regimen for both LPS and SPS stony corals, soft corals, and other marine filter feeders.

    HyperKoral contains a proprietary blend of purified L-amino acids, vitamins, and carbohydrates in concentrations that mimic those found in the waters around natural coral reefs. By incorporating only purified L-amino acids, HyperKoral avoids the skimmer issues associated with other reef amino acid supplements that contain protein hydrolysates. Hydrolysates are a mixture of L- and D- amino acids, along with short peptide chains. The peptide chains are rapidly removed by skimming, while D-amino acids are not utilized by the vast majority of living organisms, and thus remain in solution to be decomposed by bacteria. HyperKoral’s exclusive formulation eliminates these components that are wasted anyway. Research has shown that amino acids are important in the production of colorful pigments that make corals so popular with hobbyists.

    Calanus contains 100% pure freeze dried marine copepods harvested from the pristine waters of the Arctic Ocean. Rich in protein, lipids and minerals, Calanus also contains the color-enhancing pigment, astaxanthin. Besides being an ideal zooplankton food for marine invertebrates, Calanus provides wholesome nutrition for fish larvae and small fishes, both marine and freshwater, that require zooplankton in the diet.

    Both products are stable at room temperature and need no refrigeration to retain their potency for up to a year. Together, they provide the first complete reef tank feeding program to include only two components.

    HyperKoral and Calanus are available exclusively from Sicce Authorized Dealers. Visit Welcome to SICCE USA/Aquarium Products/Voyager/Syncra to find an authorized retailer near you.

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