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    The new Sicce HyperCure and HyperGarlic are two new additives from the Italian manufacturer now available in the US market. Sicce HyperCure is an all natural product to treat*both freshwater and saltwater ich and other common aquatic diseases. Sicce HyerGarlic is a food flavor enhancer that will help stimulate a stronger feeding response in your fish.

    We have seen other all-natural products to help cure diseases and know they work pretty well. The Sicce HyperCure formula helps cure common ailments including*freshwater ich (ichthyophthiriasis),*saltwater ich (cryptocaryoniasis), velvet (Gold Dust Disease, dinoflagelliasis),*protozoan parasites (trichodiniasis and others) and fungus (saprolegniasis) and is safe for all fish.

    Sicce HyperGarlic is a fish food flavor enhancer and feeding stimulant that includes vitamin C. When your fish are new, sick or stressed out, their appetites wane and HyperGarlic encourages stressed fish to resume feeding. Adding HyperGarlic to oral medications can result in greater consumption, and thus enhanced effectiveness.

    Both products come in a 6 oz. bottle with HyperGarlic in a handy spray bottle that allows for quick treatment to your foods. Both products have an ***P under $20.
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