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    This amazing Cynarina*Indophyllia was the crown jewel of the Age of Aquariums booth at Reef-a-Palooza. This healthy specimen was going for a fraction of the price of the bright chalice morphs that*filled booths around the show and we were amazed to find it still up for sale at the end of the first day.

    Age of Aquariums brought out most of the crew and a handful of decked out aquariums for the big event. It has become standard to*see dozens of frag sales tanks at these regional conventions, so for Age of Aquariums to have a full, walk-around booth with Large*colony sized pieces for sale is not just inviting, it’s a cause to hang out and get to know a new LFS crew.

    It is*refreshing to see a rare coral that is normally passed up as bread and butter tank filler. Indophyllia macassarensis is often relegated*to deep, hard to access parts of a reef aquarium where few other corals could handle the inattention that this relative of Cynarina*seems to appreciate.

    Indophyllia is slow growing and often only available in unsaturated colors that don’t*make it jump out of the aquarium. Additionally, we have never seen it successfully propagated in*captivity, so this unusual jaguar spotted morph will remain a one-of-a-kind coral for a long time.

    [​IMG]Another amazing Indophyllia macassarensis was flaunted by Cherry Corals earlier this year

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