Should i remove t5s?


8 May 2007
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Point Waterfront Durban
howzit guys.
yesterday while playing around with an old 3ft t8 bulbi noticed it had a deep purple look to it.hooked it up.only put on the t8 and my MH's,and left the t5s off.i was amazed with the colours as compared to how it was looking with the white and blue t5s.was thinking,is it necessary to have the white t5 with the SPS that i have?
Mekaeel Yes it is necessary to have the white T5's especially with SPS.

Remember that we are unable to adequetley provide food for the corals in our system as they would naturally feed in nature. So 99% of their energy is sourced from the lighting that we provide. It's not all about the aesthetics, but providing useable light in order for the coral to perform it's metabolic processes.

If that T8 light is enhancing colours and is pleasing to look at, run it in conjuction with the other lighting.
Hi Mekaeel,

All MH's may be considered broad spectrum lamps (this is why they are closest to artificial sunlight) and they usually peak in a certain spectrum hence the kelvin rating.

It is therefore not necessary at all to supplement a MH lamp with a flourescent except to enhance the human eyes perception of color. Up to a point this would be true but T5's been what they are, are likely contributing PAR to your current set-up.

The short of it is that most of your PAR is delivered by your MH's so if you wanted to improve the aesthetics of your system as you perceive it, (they don't say colour is a pigment of your imagination for nothing after all) then you could by adding flourescents or T5's (in your case your T8 lamp!).

If you want to be neurotic about it:razz: then beg Andrew for his PAR meter to see how much you lose with the T5's off. There probably are a few other factors to consider eg coral coloration but then I fined that higher K rating MH also give stunning colors so not really a mh/ flourescent consideration.

BTW, knowing what MH you run how many and the surface area of the tank might be important here. Lemme know

Hope this helps,
Hi A,

Only saw yoru post after mine was up so no, I was not trying to flout you :wave2:
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