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    IF lack of turbulence is the name of the game for efficient protein skimming, once enough air has been injected of course, then the JNS ConeS might be on to something with its inception-like cone within a cone. We were sent this short video clip showing the JNS ConeS protein skimmer in action and at first the air water mixture appears so calm that it almost looks like a picture.

    In theory, it seems silly to be putting cones on the diffuser to reduce turbulence. When looking at the first pictures of the JNS ConeS skimmer the idea became a little bit more plausible. Now seeing the skimmer in action, there may actually be something to the notion of having a big ole conical nozzle party inside the cone skimmer body. Guess we won’t know for sure until the ConeS starts shipping and some of ya’ll start testing.

    JNS ConeS protein skimmer in action on Vimeo
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    :eek:Wow this JSN skimmer is crazy insane

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