15 Dec 2007
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Hi guys,

We asked you for suggestions and got LOADS & LOADS

One was regarding shipping and suggested we dedicate a staff member to shipping and therefore we can fill more boxes.
In return we bring shipping costs down.

Well we thought about it and decided to give it a go!!!!

As of today Talita - or Whatsapp 0845672262 will handle ALL shipping arrangements.

What does this mean for you guys?
Orders that are not free (as described bellow) will be subsidised according to the cost of the package sent.
airfreight - If you go with her scheduled shipping dates, shipping is free.
airfreight - You only deal with her and no other staff member - so orders will be smooth and complete (that is why we decided on her)
Airfreight - if you volunteer to receive the box and take the responsibility to hand out the different (clearly marked bags) you get 10% discount
Door to door - we use fastway for livestock and might suggest the post office for some hardware
Door to door - If the order is more than R500 for Gauteng it is free of delivery charges
Door to door - the rest of the country (where they deliver) orders over R900 is free of delivery charges
Post office - Orders that are seen as small and small/medium packaging are FREE
Post office - orders of medium and larger sizes might have a delivery charge, depending on the "weight/dimension costs" and the purchase price.

Well the complaints regarding the distance hobbyists need to travel, just got to me and I decided to do something about it.
Yes, give them the option to pay the difference. I waited three weeks for wave makers send via post office. Still did not recieve it. The sponser had to send new ones via courier. Post office is a huge risk. Never again!!
Talita is on her way!!!

She already assisted her first customers in:
Polokwane - doortodoor (hardware)
Durban - doortodoor & Airfreight (both fish & hardware)
CT - doortodoor & Airfreight (livestock only via air but hardware via doortodoor)
EL - Airfeight (livestock only)
PE - doortodoor (hardware)
Jhb. - doortodoor (livestock & hardware)

Not a single loss and all delivered to happy campers :)

Thank you Talita :m106:

PS. contact her via whatsapp 084-567 2262 or email and she will assist you as soon as humanly possible.
I'm a bit lost here, why did I pay for shipping a week ago when my order was over R 1000? KZN
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Sorry just checked you last message and date of your first message, my mistake.
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