Shells for hermit crabs

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    Dave F

    6 Nov 2011
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    I have placed a few empty shell in my aquarium for my hermits. I have noticed one of my hermits has left his shell. He is still alive but I am now concerned that the shells I have placed in my tank are not suitable. Any advice? And where could I get shells?
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    30 Oct 2012
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    Hi Dave F! I had a issue concerning hermits, and have lost a few. When putting in new shells, they should not be much bigger than the original home. I found that if a hermit does find a new shell and try it on, and it doesnt fit........they tend to go without a shell for a while making them vulnerable to predotors like shrimp for example. I have found that they just do better in their original shells for a while. Just my experience with new shells. Anyway!! If you do have a hermit without a shell hiding away, you can take out other new shells and move his old mobile home closer too him. Hopefully he will find it and slip right back in.

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