shark pond 2007

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8 May 2007
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hey hey
here are the plans for my next project .hopefully redy dy year end

an out door shark pond :


fairly curvy around 4.5m x 3.5m im high

6 fluidized beds with 20 kilos aragonite in each with 12000l circulation in each
2m diy glass skimmer 20 000 l circulation
300kg diy livr rock
beach sand dsb along entire bottom

looking into industreal heaters

natural sunlight

water moovement
3 x swimming pool pumps closed loop

live stock
3 x black tips
1 x bamboo
1 x wobby
1 x bulldog shark
3 x stimgrays

the pond will be concrete 20cm wide walls with 2 x side viewing panels of 60cm x 1m deep . all concrete will be coverd in fiberglass ,there will be a 1m waterfall acting as a trickle filter in the left rear .

for leavs there will be a fine netting over it and a insilating plastic cover for night ,storms or dusty days

your views welcome


this sounds interesting calvin.will love to view your project on completion
for sure as soon as my 2500l is running and happy ill start on the pond
Well this certainly promisses to be a very interesting project indeed !
interesting indeed!! dont judge it yet i still am not 100% sure of how well it will work ? im sure the volume however will acomidate the sharks quite well
you can come swimming if you like mekaeel
nsw with a massive auto top up as the evaporation out doors will be enormous!
Hi Calvin,

I was talking to Jan earlier and i'm a bit concerned about your choice of live stock... are you sure its safe? :whistling: Arent they very territorial? I have read that Black Tips (and Black Reef Tips) are known for their breaching...

Just wondered
Sounds cool Calvin...

Welcome bubbless...
Sounds cool Calvin. But how the hell are you going to fill it? Aren't you in PMB?
This one I have to see!! Calvin plz don't be shy on the pics. Also i'll speak to the guys in PTA and get back to you on Monday.
Filling it will be intersting. Looking forward to this one!!
he he was thinking id get some funny replies. i have researched this a lot ! and it appears the worst thing that can happen with my fish choice is the black tips might munch the smaller guys
oh filling wil be easy 16 trips to durbs
What about using pool sand filters with the pumps and replace the sand with another medium? The advantage of this is you can backwash the filter, removing detirus and do a water change at the same time. I have been thinking of using this on a Koi pond and replacing the sand with 6mm gravel.
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