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    Anampses_elegans1.jpg A stunning male Anampses elegans, photographed by David Harasti.

    If you ever find yourself diving in Lord Howe for whatever reason, chances are you’ll encounter a wild McCulloch’s clownfish and there’s nothing that will allow you to take it home. Not even a Master Ball.

    The video right at the bottom shows a group of Amphiprion mccullochi playing in a labyrinth of anemones, corals and what appears to be the most amazing and lush*Chlorodesmis algae one can dream of seeing.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

    Since Lord Howe is home to a bunch of uber rare fish which are not allowed to be collected, you’ll probably find yourself bumping into cool fishes every step of the way – especially the endemic Tricinctus butterflyfish that tend to gather in droves as shown above. Aside from the McCulloch’s clownfish, which have been made more available thanks to captive breeding, and the aforementioned*Chaetodon tricinctus, Lord Howe is also home to*Anampses elegans, Genicanthus semicinctus as well as the more famous-than-Madonna, Chaetodontoplus ballinae. If you ever find yourself in Lord Howe, make sure you bring along a good camera, because pictures and videos are all you are allowed to take.
    Click here to view the embedded video.

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