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    Sfiligoi takes modular LED striplights to an entirely new level with the new line of Sfiligoi Genesis LED fixtures we caught back in May at Interzoo. Like the Sfiligoi T5 + LED hybrid we wrote about earlier, the Sfiligoi Genesis LED includes all the LED*functionality*– dimmable, CREE LEDs, optional RGB — in one of the sleekest looking packages we’ve seen so far. Since the fixture is modular, you are pretty much unlimited in the amount of configurations you can achieve with LED color choices of Blue, Cool White (8,500K appearance) and the unlimited combinations of full-fledged RGB LED lighting offers.

    With the*Sfiligoi Link six-channel controller on RGB modules you can program a full spectrum of colors and be able to dim all the other modules as needed. From a dusk to dawn to a full-on lunar cycle, the RGB LEDs offer plenty of punch allowing you to gain some of the most dynamic lighting over your tank. Tapping into the uber-popular CREE LED technology gives you plenty of illumination, the standard Cool White LEDs can pack up to 139 lum/watt output.

    Each Sfiligoi Genesis LED strip is*constructed*out of extruded aluminum and*passively*cooled giving it silent operation in a low profile. While passive cooling gives you a silent operation, there is only so much heat that can be dissipated off the fixtures at a given time. With that said, we have faith that these LED lights are engineered to get the maximum heat transfer to protect the LEDs but at the price of these, some active cooling would help us sleep a little easier. Your array of Genesis modules can be tank mounted via brackets or suspended above your tank — either way you will not want to hide these beauties behind a canopy.


    Like most of Sfiligio’s products, the Lamborghini of aquarium lighting, you are going to pay a premium. Pricing starts around $800 for a three-module, 24 in. unit with two white and one blue LED strips and can go up to $4,000 for an eight-module, 60 in. fixture. Adding the optional RGB LEDs will tack on antouher $200 to 500 depending on the module.*The*Sfiligio Link controller will cost $400. The Sfiligoi Genesis LED modules will be released shortly through its US*distributor*Aquatics Elite.

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