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    You gotta love the entreprenurial spirit of Japan’s LSS Laboratory for having not one but two aftermarket mounting options for Ecotech Marine’s Radion XR30w LED light. The Radion has only been available in Japan for some weeks but already reefers in the land of the rising sun have a pimped out option for mounting their Radion XR30w LED light over their reef tanks.*

    radion-led-acrylic-bracket1.jpg Following in the design cues of Vitrea LED light fixtures, the LSS Laboratory hanging and mounting solutions for the Radion XR30w almost completely wrap around the Radion’s svelte profile. The acrylic hanging bracket basically uses the available mounting hardware for the Radion LED light, giving it a little more ‘stage presence’ but the arched acrylic mounting bracket is where it’s at.

    Even if you don’t speak Japanese, you can still see a lot about the LSS Radion mounting bracket in the video, especially a demo of how the Radion fits and looks sitting in it. We didn’t catch any hint of an actual price for the Radion acrylic mounting bracket but that’s besides the point because in this form*the*bracket fits a very specific length of tank. We give it less than a month before American and European acrylic-smiths show off their own mounting brackets*inspired*by the LSS Radion acrylic mounting solution.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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