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8 May 2007
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Ocean Nutrition has a handful of new frozen foods for the marine aquarium. Some of them are new takes on classic offerings while others offer an exotic new food item for feeding the bigger fish.

The three new foods introduced by Ocean Nutrition are a new formulation for brine shrimp, a nutritious Invertebrate Food and frozen Polychaetes. This last one by far is the most unusual in the bunch, with the flat packs being packaged with ‘Marine Bloodworms’ aka bristleworms and more broadly, Polychaetes.


Doesn’t his big pile of frozen polychaetes look appetizing?

We’ve seen ragworm polychaetes used in foods from AquaThrive as a source of sustainable protein for aquarium fish before. However Ocean Nutrition’s new frozen Polychaetes is the first time reefers have been asked to pay for an animal we usually try to eliminate from our reef tanks. There’s no question that polychaetes are a sustainable and very nutrition source of protein and that larger reef fish will eat them up with gusto.

One of the other new foods are a new Brine Shrimp which is loaded with both spirulina algae and garlic compounds for maximum nutrition, and as a prophylactic against the external parasites in reef fish. We’re not sure how much room for improvement there is in standard frozen brine shrimp but with this formulation reefers will be able to gutload their own fish with the benefits of Spirulina and garlic at the same time.

The new Ocean Nutrition frozen Invertebrate Food will be of most interest to coral centric reefers reading this. The new frozen Invertebrate Food is a natural diet for most reef aquarium filter feeders with lots of cyclops, rotifers, and finely minced mussels to provide corals, clams and feather dusters with a range of nutritious particle sizes.

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