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28 Sep 2015
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Good afternoon all

it is my first time on this site,so i am not quiet sure how it works.
i am from durban, i have just bought a second hand tank, the dimensions are
1.5m lenght x 900mm height x 5oomm width. it has 12mm glass which is rounded. the person i bought it from said it was custom built.

i have no idea how to start and where to get all things need for tank, any help with be much appreciated.

Hi welcome to masa.nice size tank you got, post some pics of it. look up on masa for starting a marine tank there you will find all the info on what you need
Welcome to MASA.

Feel free to use and abuse the search facility on this site. Most of what you need to know is covered in detail somewhere. I started out recently and the search function has been my friend ever since.

Post pics of your tank, it will assist other more experienced members to help you out with your queries.

Also, look for MASA members in your area, it's what I did. A visit to other reefers will give you a much better idea on how to do things. Most, if not all MASA members will try to help you in some way or another...
hello and welcome.

Rounded tanks are not normally custom build units. Those rounded corners are made in a specialized factory. Does it have an overflow and sump?
Couple of pictures would help use in helping you.
Hi and welcome to your new journey into a wonderful world ps i hope you have very long arms because 900 deep wow
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