RSS Serranus phoebe is an uncommon basslet from the deeper waters of the Atlantic

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    Serranus-phoebe-1.png Serranus phoebe is a deepwater Atlantic bass in cool monochromatic colors.

    Serranus phoebe is an uncommon monochromatic basslet from the deeper waters of the Atlantic. Like many of its cousins, they are hardy and generally bold fishes that adapt very well to aquarium life. S. phoebe is very uncommon with only a few pieces entering the Japanese market, and even fewer pieces to enter the U.S market. Although generally a medium to large sized fish, S. phoebe more often than not enters the trade as juveniles or small sized specimens.


    S. phoebe is off white with dark brown bars on the body. The interesting mix of horizontal and vertical barring is awkward, but blends in well with the angular snout and fins. The unpaired fins are tinged with a light shade of blue and are quite beautiful, but they unfortunately cannot be seen in these pictures. This piece ended up in Singapore where it was sold rather quickly.

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