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    The Sera Multifil 350 is possibly one Sera aquarium product which could see widespread adoption by the saltwater crowd moreso*than the freshwater people. The Multifil 350 is clealry built from the design of their Sera Flore CO2 reactor with its inlet and outlet hose and screw on lid. The simple yet sturdy construction of the molded acrylic body is actually attractive and includes a built-in docking mount for easy removal from the aquarium sump or stand.

    Whereas almost all aquarium media reactors are like really large, the Sera multifil 350 is actually an appropriate size for smaller tanks; it can hold up to 380 ml of media which is jsut about right for 50 gallon aquariums with carbon use or 100 gallons with GFO. Sera products are notoriosuly slow for making their way from Europe to the US but the Sera Multifil 350 is expected to cost somewhere around $60 when it crosses the Atlantic.

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