Sera Bionitrivec and Sera Aquatan for established marine tank

21 Sep 2015
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Hi guys,

I did a water test tonight and picked up my all my levels are good but my ammonia is sitting at 0.8. I'm very worried as it was at 0. I did add some additional stock this weekend so I don't know if it is just a short spike or if I should be concerned.

I've got a boxer shrimp, diamond goby, long tentacle coral, hermit crab, two small clown fish and two chromis.

Can I add Sera Bionitrivec to my filter to bring down the ammonia? It says it's for fresh water but I found a thread where people have used it. Just don't know if they is it for new or established tanks?

Your help will be greatly appreciated as I'm very concerned.

Thank you
It could be a spike because of the increased bioload. What filtration are you using?
Thanks for the prompt response. It's a BOYU Nano tank with a built in filter. I replaced the normal filter with Odyssea Nitrate removing filter pads.
I did a quick 25% water change. Will measure again tomorrow morning and see where we stand. Hope it will do for now.
Tank is 70 litres and been going for about 7 months. Think I was just to excited to add too many new inhabitants this past weekend. Will just wait for it to settle and keep n close eye. Thanks for the advice. Will get some Stability tomorrow. :) Everything looks happy for now.
Oh forgot to mention also saw my blue legged hermit crab molted. Got a fright at first but then saw he was fine. Walking along the liverock.
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