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    Sep-Art Artemia Cysts from Ocean Nutrition are specially treated brine shrimp eggs which have shells that can easily be filtered using a magnet. Most of us know well that hatched brine shrimp rise towards the light and the egg shells sink to the bottom but the few unhatched eggs actually float, and these are the particles which can cause problems if they are accidentally fed to baby fish along with artemia nauplii (baby brine shrimp).


    Ocean Nutrition’s Sep-Art Artemia Cysts are brine shrimp eggs coated with some kind of ferrous material that attracts the shell towards magnets, and is obviously safe for use around aquariums. Ocean Nutrition has been making a commercial scale version of the Sep-Art Artemia Cysts and magnetic filter for several years now but the new kit brings the easy brine shrimp cyst separating technology to the masses.

    The Sep-Art kit includes a packet of the coated Sep-Art artemia cysts as well as a uniquely designed beaker with a magnetic base to help catch all artemia cyst shells and unhatched brine shrimp eggs. The Sep-Art separating beaker’s magnet is designed to have a “radial” magnetic field which prevents it from interacting too much with other Sep-Art beakers on a table as well as nearby electronics. We believe that we were quoted 25 Euros for the Sep-Art kit from ocean nutrition and available in July to European brine shrimp users with availability in the wild west coming later this year.

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