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    The Sep-Art Artemia Cysts magnetic brine shrimp eggs that were first revealed by Ocean Nutrition at InterZoo are*just*about ready to start shipping to hobbyists with an interest in feeding live baby brine shrimp. Ocean Nutrition will be providing three products in the Sep-Art Artemia Cysts range with a 25 gram box, a 200 gram can and a full kit that includes the 25 gram box of eggs and the magnetic*separator.

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    Ocean Nutrition has already begun shipping the Sep-Art Artemia Cyst products in Europe where the 25 gram box has an estimated retail price of*17,61 € ($21.87), the Sep-Art can with 200 grams of the magnetic brine shrimp eggs sells for*105,03 € ($130.46) and the Sep-Art kit can be had for*67,83 € ($84.25). It is unclear when the North American branch of Ocean Nutrition will pick up the Sep-Art Artemia Cysts but we imagine there will be a huge demand given the growing interest of American reefers getting their fish breeding on.

    Brine shrimp eggs are not cheap no matter what you get, if you want a quality yield and hatch rate that is.*Although the Sep-Art Artemia Cysts do command a slight premium, with so many private marine fish breeders scaling up to produce exciting clownfish strains like Lightning Maroons, Albino black ocellaris, Wyoming Whites and Maine Blizzards, the added convenience and efficiency of the Sep-Art hatching and separating process could boosts their successes in the post-larval phase of rearing.



    Press release: Ocean Nutrition presents the innovative Sep-Art*Technology for aquaristic use

    A revolutionary concept to obtain pure Artemia nauplii

    Once again, Ocean Nutrition is leading the innovation wave by introducing a revolutionary*concept: The Sep-Art Technology.

    Ocean Nutrition recently developed a unique way to easily separate the cyst shells from the*nauplii after hatching so that pure nauplii can be obtained without the classic separation.

    It is known that Artemia nauplii are an ideal food for invertebrates and early life stages of*fish. One of the main disadvantages of this food is the presence of shell material amongst*the nauplii after hatching. The shell material can obstruct the fragile intestines of larvae*and is an important source of bacterial contamination. Until today, there has been no*progress in the procedure to separate the live nauplii from the cyst shell material. There*are several “tricks”: the use of light to attract nauplii, double sieving, decapsulation (the*removal of the cyst shells with chlorine)… However these ways of working will never result in*a harvest of 100 % live nauplii, can damage the animals, are labor intensive and sometimes*even environmentally unfriendly.

    The Sep-Art Technology is based on an ingenious aquaculture invention: Artemia cysts are*coated with a non-toxic magnetic layer. Sep-Art Artemia cysts look like normal cysts and the*hatching procedure is identical. After hatching, the aeration should be stopped for a few*minutes. The nauplii and unhatched cysts will settle in the lower part and are siphoned in*the Sep-Art Separator. The Separator contains a strong built-in magnet: unhatched cysts are
    trapped by the magnet on the bottom of the Separator. The non-magnetic free swimming*nauplii are ready to use.

    For more information visit Ocean Nutrition is a manufacturer of premium fish food for marine and fresh water tropical fish or 302 Found.

    Ocean Nutrition Europe

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