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    Sensorex has developed a mobile accessory for pH measurements tapping into you Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad device. The Sensorex PH-1*pH meter allows you to measure, record and track your pH readings using*the dock connector on the bottom of the device to attach the pH probe. By using the Sensorex app, you can take your reading with and accuracy to .01 pH right on your phone.*

    Once you have your Sensorex connector, just download the fee app from the iTunes App Store and view*pH, millivolts, ambient temperature and solution temperature in real time. Allow your system to use your GPS and the Sensorex system will even track your location. Another handy feature is that it will allow for the readings to be emailed to you so you don’t have to stop, record your readings in your log system and move to the next reading. Click “Email” and you’ll have your result waiting for you in your inbox.

    For the average hobbyist, this is probably a bit too much but is a good start to what we’ve been preaching for quite awhile — instead of creating proprietary devices and software to run on top of it, tapping into the ubiquitous mobile device we already have in our pocket is a smart move. For*maintenance*professionals, breeders, and those in the aquaculture and mariculture industries, this could be worth the money in the long run especially the GPS logging feature allowing you to easily take, track and compare pH readings.

    Although the company lists the accessory as patent-pending, the news that Apple is moving towards a smaller, 9-pin connector over the larger 30-pin connector we are used too, means they will have to get cranking away on the next model to ensure this is usable for the next generation of Apple devices.

    Check out the video below of the Senorex PH-1 in action:





    Click here to view the embedded video.

    [via Fish Channel]
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    ..hee hee...wonder if they will go so far and make devices like this for all our individual readings..then there might be some use for my iPhone after all...:)

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