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    The Seneye Web Server is a new box from Seneye which will finally put their nifty monitoring probe online all the time, without the use of a computer. Previously, aquarists interested in getting some real-time updates and levels on their tank had to have some kind of computer near your pond or aquarium, on and online all the time, just so that the Seneye Probe could really monitor your water and send alerts in case of troubles.

    The Seneye Web Server (SWS) connects your Seneye USB device directly to**using your home internet connection.*Its embedded software ensures reliability of your uploads and alerts .*You can manage your Seneye device directly from your SWS.

    The SWS is connected via a network cable to your home router, once connected the seneye device will be viewable anywhere around your home.*When there is a long distance between your Wi-Fi router and SWS then the optional Wi-Fi module can be used.*Set up is simple, wire it up and type the code provided on your**dashboard.*Then sit back and relax while your aquarium water is monitored.

    The Seneye Web Server works with all HTML5 compatible devices and it has 4 auxillary ports, perhaps for expansion of the Seneye range or to accomodate future Seneye accessories. The standard Seneye Web Server with wired internet will cost ~$170 while the wireless SWS with*WIFI bumps that up to around $250.

    Therefore a full Seneye Reef set up with an SWS is getting into the $340 range, really close to more full featured aquarium*controllers, not monitors. Despite this the Seneye is the only device to digitally measure Ammonia and the way it measures pH, with replacement cartridges but no probes, may appeal to some users more than buying and calibrating probes.

    We look forward to testing the new levels of functionality and monitoring of the Seneye nwo that the SWS is becoming available because if the user experience of monitoring your aquarium is as easy as Seneye’s videos lead viewers to believe, then the British company may be ready for a full fledged penetration of the American aquarium hobby.

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    @Submariner, When will you get these, or can I order directly from seneye in the UK?
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    have on order already:)

    they should be coming with my new shipment from the UK
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    Approx price?

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