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    Seneye has always been*accessible*on a smart phone through their mobile website, but now Seneye is*releasing*platform-specific apps for a lot more, and*furthermore*easier control over your Seneye monitor. The app will be available*for the three big smartphone players, including iOS, Android and Windows 8 phone and can be downloaded today from their respective App stores.

    Beside the new smart phone app Seneye has also made some improvements to the general software, including more reliable uploads, increased functions, and has improved*overall*speed of the software side of things. Seneye has also released a new light and slide widget which can be found on the website. All these upgrades are great and the new smartphone apps are a good thing for moving the*platform*forward, but we’d still like to see some kind of dongel or router adaption that doesn’t require a nearby computer to be connected for the Seneye to work. For more information on the updates and the new apps, head over to the Seneye website.
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