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    Seneye is very close to launching in the UK according to sources who have been briefed on the matter. We have confirmed that several retailers have placed preorders with the new UK based company. This coincides with earlier reports of an August launch of the Seneye Home, Seneye Pond and Seneye Reef aquarium monitoring systems. A special article arranged by Seneye has appeared in Practical Fish Keeping that should help build buzz in the UK. “At this time we are just waiting on inventory to sell to our customers” said one UK based retailer.

    Pricing in the United Kingdom starts with the Seneye Home, designed for freshwater aquariums at £59.99 ($97). The Seneye Pond should hit at £79.99 ($130) and the marine and reef version called Seneye Reef at £89.99 ($146). The Seneye system is an aquarium monitoring solution designed to anticipate problems in aquarium and pond systems before they happen, reporting the issues online for the user to view. *No word on expected availability in the United States, Europe or other countries.
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