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    We got our hands on the Seneye unboxing that one of our dear readers sent us. These pictures are from a KOI show in Holland where Seneye was showing off their goods to Europe. If you are keeping track we have now seen the new Seneye in the United Kingdom and Holland now, with other countries left out in the rain. Those countries like Asia, and North America have not heard a peep from Seneye in regards to availability. Hit the read link for more.

    Thanks Ioannis!


    During the unboxing a few interesting facts were discovered. All of the Seneye units are the same, meaning they all contain the same features. The secret to unlocking them is activating units online through the service. From a production standpoint, this makes a lot of sense because instead of three different versions Seneye needs to only create one version, with different type/logo inblazed on the front side. The retail packaging is different, along with the languages specific to each country.






    As you might know, the Seneye devices require the USB connection connected into the computer, otherwise the unit will not work. Thankfully, Seneye has said that they plan on developing a computer/internet unit for automatic uploading of the data to the online service, eliminating the need for a laptop/PC. This unit is not expected to be ready for at least another six months and hopefully by that time the world will have received their own version of the Seneye monitoring device.

    First of all some basic information on the 3 different versions


    Seneye Home

    • seneye home unit
    • suction cup
    • seneye+ slide (first month)
    • quick start guide
    Seneye Pond

    • seneye pond unit
    • pond floater
    • seneye+ slide (first month)
    • quick start guide
    Seneye Reef

    • seneye reef unit
    • suction cup
    • seneye+ slide (first month)
    • quick start guide
    One can upgrade from every version to seneye Reef. When upgraded, the light meter service is activated (the seneye units are the same across all versions)

    Optional accessories

    • USB extension cable (15m)
    • USB extension cable (2,5m)
    • USB power adapter
    • WiFi sender – Allows for a connection with a computer via local WiFi network.
    • computer/internet unit (will come out in the future. This will mean no required PC for uploading of data to seneye+)
    Seneye +

    • consumable slides
    • e-mail-alarms
    • sms-alarms
    • automatic online graphical representation of data
    • advice based on a databank
    Seneye Reef measurement range

    • free ammonia (NH3) * (0 – 0,500ppm)
    • pH * (6,5 – 9,0)
    • temperature (0C – 40C)
    • waterlevel (senses if it is in/out of water)
    • LUX (lx) (0 – 150.000)
    • photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) (0 – 2.000)
    • Kelvin (K) ( 2.000K – 20.000K)
    * require consumable slides which last 1 month each. seneye+ service includes shipment of slides to your house. The reason for the consumable slides is to eliminate the need for calibration.






    Short explanation of the connection / function
    -seneye unit itself only has a small internal battery for the clock
    -requires connection to PC or optional USB adapter as a power source.

    -connection with PC: ensures constant uploading of all data

    -connection with USB adapter: data is stored in the internal memory and exported upon connection with the computer. Optional USB extensions up to 15m should be more than enough for most cases.
    -example: use USB adapter as a power source. Connect to PC once in a while for uploading of data or in case that the status LED’s flash red (read critical condition reached)

    -After speaking with the people behind seneye, they told me that they plan on releasing a computer/internet unit for automatic uploading of the data to the online service, eliminating the need for a laptop/PC. Such a device would take at least another 6 months from what i was told.
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