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    SELCO Boost is a new food supplement from Aquatech which hopes to pick up where the ubiquitous Selcon has left off. For Decades now Selcon has been a hobby favorite of saltwater fish keepers, adding much needed vitamins and Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (HUFA) of the Omega-3 variety to prepared dry and frozen marine aquarium fish foods.

    But Selcon has been around, unchanged for so long, that there’s been plenty of room for improvement considering how much we now know about keeping, growing and breeding marine fish through research and experience. SELCO Boost really tries to pick up where Selcon left off by taking a tried and tested formula and improving it for the contemporary fish keeper.
    selco-boost.png In addition to the all-important Omega-3, HUFAs and Vitamins C & E, SELCO Boost also includes immuno-stimulants, appetite stimulants and color boosters. The active ingredient of garlic*Allicin is used in SELCO Boost to stimulate the immune system and help to deter parasites. Astaxanthin is included to boost the colors of fish, especially in the red-orange spectrum.

    Perhaps one of the biggest additions SELCO Boost makes to the food-soak category is the use of “pheromonic technology” to entice finnicky fish to eat; so it’s like Selcon with Seachem’s Entice product which does exactly that. If you’re a*long*time fan of using Selcon in your food soak, you should give SELCO Boost a try and you may just end up getting more from modern formulation of the stuff.
    [Aquatech Co.]

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