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    Sometimes the best ideas are also the simplest ones, as evidenced by the new MagSleeve from SeeClear. Matt Conrad and the acrylic*scratch*repair experts at SeeClear specialize in making old acrylic tanks clear again, and they wanted a way for their customers to use algae magnets safely on acrylic. SeeClear’s solution was to provide simple scrubber and polishing sleeves for popular sizes of algae magnets.

    magsleeve-seeclear-3.jpg If Matt only knew how many times we’ve bought Dobie pads and cut them open to use the*abrasive*yet acrylic-safe material to retrofit old tired pads of algae magnets and other scrubbers, and now we don’t have to. the SeeClear MagSleeves come in four sizes, in two types – a durable scrubby sleeve for the wetside of the glass and a soft, chammy like polishing sleeve for cleaning up the dry side of your tank.

    magsleeve-seeclear.jpg The pouch-like MagSleeves are available in medium, large, X-large and double XX-large and they are compatible with nearly all sizes of Magfloat, Algae Free, Magnavore and Mighty Magnet algae scrubbers. Better yet, the MagSleeves are quite affordable with pricing between $6 and $12 a piece for the inner and outer sleeves, and SeeClear is working on packaging them in pairs for a little less.

    magsleeve-seeclear-4.jpg SeeClear’s MagSleeves are not yet available online but any good, progressive retailer with a keen eye for add-on sales ought to stock up on this very practical and useful product. We’ve got*generations*of medium to large algae magnets around the fish house which will see renewed usage thanks to the half second “installation” of MagSleeves and we’re pretty confident there’s legions of you out there who could use them too. [SeeClear]


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