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8 May 2007
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The gem tang is arguably the most coveted of all surgeonfish species, making the first ever documented gem tang hybrid quite a sensation. Another hybrid gem tang has been collected and we have even better pictures of this stunning specimen to document this very rare Zebrasoma cross.

This newest hybrid gem tang was collected by the divers of the Gurroby family of Ornamental Marine World, the progenitors of practically all the most exciting fish from the West Indian Ocean, and especially Mauritius. Almost as exciting as them occurrence of another gem tang hybrid are these lovely pictures that show in great detail what makes this particular specimen not only exquisite, but undoubtedly the offspring of one of the rarest known crosses of Zebrasoma.

A tale of two gem tangs, hybrid with Z. scopas on the left, and full-blood Z. gemmatum on the right.

Compared to the first gem tang hybrid, this new specimen of Zebrasoma gemmatum x Z. scopas shows an even better blend of pattern from both parent species. When shown next to a full-blooded gem tang, the new specimen of gem tang hybrid clearly shows its genetic parentage of the scopas tang, with bright beautiful little white spots that are smaller and more numerous than the pure gem tang.

We have learned that this second gem tang hybrid will be coming to the USA this time around, already having been special ordered by a dedicated rare fish collector. This little guy was discovered several weeks ago and has been conditioning to aquarium life ever since, so we have no doubt that it will ship will and make a great and long lived aquarium star for years to come.

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