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8 May 2007
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For animal rights activists, it is a huge win and probably the right move, as SeaWorld San Diego has announced the end of its hallmark orca whale shows in favor of a more informative experience.

There has been a lot of backlash of late including a scathing 2013 documentary Blackfish and the death of a handler in 2010 and SeaWorld has taken note.

This new informative experience will take the place of the current orca show at its San Diego park starting in 2017, in what officials are describing as a more natural setting with a “conservation message inspiring people to act,” according to a company document reported in the San Diego Union Tribune.

No mention of the shows in the other SeaWorld parks including Orlando and San Antonio. The company was approved for a $100 million expansion for the killer whale tanks from the California Costal Commission, but future breeding of the animals was banned.

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