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    Seamix is a new company venturing into the bulk aquarium additive market featuring bulk sizes of products in simple,*nondescript**packaging featuring a simple white and black label. The initial offering for the company are an ocean salt mix, calcium, alkalinity additive, magnesium and an 8.4 pH buffer from small jars to bulk items in buckets or boxes.

    Calcium is a USP food-grade form of CaC12 and is also available in two pound jars that makes 2.25 gallons of super concentrated calcium solution. There are also 7.5 pound pails (makes 8.5 gallons) and 30 pounds cartons (makes 34 gallons).

    Buffer will automatically adjust pH to 8.4 as it increase in Alklinity, carbonate hardness, dKH or KH and is*available in 3 pound jars, 12 pound pails and 42 pound cartons.

    The Seamix Ocean Salt is a powdered mixture of high purity ingredients that are listed as containing all elements found in natural sea water and is*available in 10 gallons jars, 40 gallon pails & 150 gallons cartons.

    Magnesium is a high purity form of MgCI without ammonia, bromide and other undesirable contaminants

    Alkalinity is also available in 2 pounds jars that makes 2.25 gallons of super concentrated alkalinity solution, 7.5 pound pails (makes 8.5 *gallons) and 30 pound cartons (makes 34 gallons) of super concentrated alkalinity solution.

    The company’s website is coming soon and when it does, we’ll be able to get an idea of the pricing. According to the landing page, Seamix is based in San Francisco.

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