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    The nostalgic SeaStorm protein skimmers from Sealife Systems are an interesting design which harkens back to simpler days of protein skimmers. SeaStorms don’t need no cones, not even a single taper to the neck, and what the heck is a diffuser plate anyway? Sealife Systems has been around a long time and they really show it with their SeaStorm “foam fractionators” which look like they stepped out of the pages of a Marine Fish Monthly from 1998. We love how the description of the SeaStorm skimmer doesn’t even mention how air is injected into the skimmer, it’s clearly a needle-wheel Catalina Aquarium pump, but Sealife Systems doesn’t bother with*trivialities*like that. The SS SeaStorm skimmers come in four sizes starting out at $99 for retro-reefers to get their cyclonic long-contact time protein skimming.
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