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    AlgaGen, producer of live phyto and zooplankton (among other things), is working on a new Reef Pods product line, and the first to be released to retailers is the saltwater Daphnia species, Moina salina. For those of you who are into live foods (fish breeders, keepers of finicky fish and those that require live foods, believers in food diversity), this is great news.* Dan Underwood of announced yesterday that they will start shipping live starter cultures of Moina salina from AlgaGen next week – another easy to cultivate live pod food for a myriad of uses just got added to our live feed arsenal.* Rather than paraphrase further, read on for the announcement that was sent out by Algagen.

    I am pleased to announce that Moina salina, the saltwater Daphnia that has been used by our European friends is now available in the US.

    AlgaGen, the producer of our Algae Starter Cultures and Copepods is producing this product. It is the first of several new species being added to the Reef Pods Product line. We will begin shipping this product next week.

    Moina salina is a Cladoceran or water flea, related to Daphnia, thus the name Saltwater Daphnia. It lives in the water column, prefers a salinity of around 20 ppt and temperature range of 20 to 25 C. Adults reach around 3 mm in size. It can be cultured similar to copepods by using light aeration and fed spirulina flakes, T-Iso and Chaetoceros and flake foods. Reproduces by dropping eggs. This is suppose to be fairly easy to culture.

    Moina salina will be offered at $19.95 for a bag with a count of 100 to 150. It is a live product thus requires insulated packaging and 2nd day air. This product will be picked up fresh on Tuesdays and shipped 2nd day for Thursday arrival. Dimensional weight is 3 lbs, so another item or 2 can be added for the same shipping cost. You can find it on our website under Live Foods or by clicking on this link:

    There will also be some changes coming in the Live Mysis line coming soon with smaller quantities available. Once we have all the details in place, we will make the announcement.


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