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8 May 2007
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Seachem Reef Reactor is a new natural form of high purity calcium reactor media. For a company that’s been in business for going on 35 years, we can’t imagine how it too Seachem so long to come out with such a classic aquarium product, but then again it did take them ten years to come out with their own take on GFO (Granular Ferric Oxide).

Either way, if you’re a diehard Seachem fan, with Reef Reactor you can now tap their supply chain for yet one more way to remineralize your reef water levels of calcium, carbonate and magnesium. Seachem touts Reef Reactor as being of high purity, with low levels of aluminum and phosphate, and very high solubility of biologically important potassium.

One thing that is interesting about Seachem’s Reef Reactor media is that it will come in two grain sizes, with Reef Reactor Md being sorted to have the CaCO3 pieces between 0.5 and 1 cm in size, while Reef Reactor Lg being sorted for grain sizes from 1 to 3 cm. As far as we know, Seachem will be offering Reef Reactor in a 2 liter container, but we assume that larger volume packaging could be made available in bulk in the future.

And if you’re not down with calcium reacting anymore, you could always turn to Reef Reactor as a viable coarse-grain rubble substrate for your reef tank or refugium as well.
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