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    Super Glue; we all know what it is, we use it on our reef tanks all the time, and now Seachem is a new source for cyanoacrylate with their new Reef Glue. As with many other products that Seachem has been*patient about releasing, we trust that Seachem waited until the right product came out at the right time, and the time is right for Reef Glue.*

    Like several of the other fancy super glues that have been made available for reef aquarists in the last couple of years, Seachem Reef Glue is super sticky, it sets really fast and it is light years beyond your parents’ super glue of old. Reef Glue is being packaged by Seachem in 20 gram quantities, in a metal tube that helps users know how much glue they have, and prevents any air from entering and potential spoiling the cyanoacrylate by allowing it to dry.

    Seachem’s Reef Glue has already showed up at our LFS for just $9.99 for 20 grams and should be riding the distribution channels to Seachem dealers around the world as we type this.*[Seachem]


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