[wtd] Seachem new salt water

27 Oct 2015
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hey guys does anyone know where you can get already mixed new salt water that's seachem salt? Around joburg
Why would you want that though?
Just buy RO water if you don't have an RO unit, and mix it yourself.
With my experience, pre-mixed salt water from the LFS is at a very low salinity(1.021). It would be better mixing your own.
You don't let it stand. Run a cheap wave maker in your bucket with a heater for the amount of time Seachem recomends.
With my Red Sea Coral Pro, you only mix until the water is clear, or no longer than 4 hours.
Okay because Ive seen some people say they leave it for a few days or so. Okay cool thanks very much:thumbup:
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