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    The Seachem HydroTote is another practical product which should appeal to lots of casual reefers and especially the retailers that sell pre-mixed saltwater. The HydroTote is a collapsable water jug, the likes of which you might take camping which basically fold up to reduce space once the fluid has been emptied. The pliable plastic (probably polyethylene) of the HydroTote holds up to 20 liters, 5 gallons and it collapses nearly flat when emptied.

    Although most Reef Builders readers will likely have an elaboration of home saltwater mixing with water purification, holding vats, mixing equipment and pumps and hoses to criss cross the house, nearly all LFS sell purified freshwater and premixed saltwater to the more casual hobbyists, or simply those without the space for their own home water treatment plant.

    The LFS depends on these customers coming to the store on a regular to get a little bit of repeat business each time they come in.*By providing HydroTotes to their LFS customers, Seachem is increasing the ease and practicality of getting saltwater from the brick ‘n mortar LFS and driving traffic to the stores which are the cornerstone of our hobby. Good job Seachem! The travelling coral vendors will also probably love these too so we expect the HydroTote to become ubiquitous in the future.

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