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8 May 2007
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Seachem Biogen biopellets is the first solid carbon dosing product from the venerable aquarium product manufacturer. Seachem has been on a tear of releasing new products lately, especially in the aquarium media and water purification category.

Seachem Biogen biopellets follows on the release of Seachem’s other nutrient-reducing products, most notably the granular ferric oxide (GFO) style medias. These medias include the synthetic GFO PhosNet, GFO-coated aluminum oxide PhosBond, and capacity real GFO PhosFiltrum.

Another recently released chemical media from Seachem is Purfiltrum, the Aquavitro successor to the classic Purigen. And for the smaller tanks with smaller media requirements you could also use the Seachem Digital Spoon to meter out very precise amounts of any of these medias and place them inside the Seachem Bag.

Like other biopellets, Seachem Biogen is designed to reduce nitrate and phosphates but it is the first such media from the company which is expressly used in media reactors for aquariums. We have to wonder if Seachem will have some guidelines for using Biogen without a reactor, or if Seachem will launch a media & biopellet reactor of their own to house all of their shiny new aquarium medias.

The nice rounded shape of Seachem Biogen is similar to Two Little Fishies NPX Bioplastics, making them quite amenable to fluidizing in reactors without too much flow or force. For a company that had been fairly static in new product releases for several years, it is exciting to see Seachem once again releasing new products in the aquarium hobby and we hope to learn more about Seachem Biogen when it is actually released.


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