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    piebald-yellow-tang-150x150.jpg Sea Dwelling Creatures has had a hot streak of unusual fish lately, this week landing not one but two prized reef fishes: an amelanistic flame angelfish and one of those funky piebald white and yellow tangs. The amelanistic flame angelfish is something else, with nary a hint of black color anywhere on its body, only in its eyes. This bright red and orange flame angelfish is from the Marshall Islands, collected about 100 miles from Majuro Atoll.

    As you can see in the photo the piebald white and yellow Zebrasoma flavescens is a good hand-sized specimen – it has a nice even white coloration over the whole body with a bright yellow eye and nice yellow markings in the front of the dorsal and anal fins. Both the Amelanistic flame angelfish and piebald white and yellow tang have been sold to another international marine life dealer outside this country with a specific customer in mind, so if you want some aberrant reef fish treasures like these you’ll have to wait until the next go around.
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