RSS Sea Dwelling Creatures brings rare Bodianus paraleucosticticus to America

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    The five stripe hogfish, Bodianus paraleucosticticus,*is an amazing and rare hogfish which very*rarely*graces American soil. Recently, Cairns Marine out of Australia has been making more regular excursions to the Coral Sea to get exotic reef fish such as the five-striped hogfish and the yet to be described “Cirrhilabrus squirei“.

    Luckily for us,*Sea Dwelling Creatures as succeeded in bringing a five stripe hogfish a whole lot closer because SDC has landed a good looking medium size specimen which has amazing potential to turn into the delicately colored and patterned beauty pictured above. Check out SDC flaunt a video of their one and only specimen after the break.*

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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