Scooter Blenny Babies?

Discussion in 'Marine Fish Discussions' started by Jaco Schoeman, 3 Aug 2009.

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    Hi guysOn behalf of my dad, please can you enlighten us on how Scooters reproduce? Yes, I know about the birds and the bees, but here is the story...My dad bought a Scooter Blenny about a month ago at most, only one. This weekend we spotted small little fish swimming around the liverock. They are really tiny, but definetly fish. He only has one Clownfish in there too, so unless we are sitting with a "scoolown" I don't know how the babies got there.Also, IF you confirm this could be babies, what can dad feed them? Sorry, no photos, they are too small and move to fast to see, they are only about 2 - 5mm large.

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