RSS Scleropages inscriptus is a new species of Arowana!

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8 May 2007
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Scleropages inscriptus is a new species of arowana, part of the popular group of dragonfish which are coveted and highly sought after the world over. Of all the new species we report on, a new species of arowana is the last kind of fish we expected to still exist undiscovered since arowanas hold a near god-like position in Asian aquarium culture, and which is why this freshwater fish is getting air time on a saltwater aquarium blog.*The difference between Scleropages inscriptus*and other arowana species is not subtle either*- S. inscriptus has complex maze-like markings on every scale which is unheard of in arowanas.

Because of the maze pattern perhaps the new Scleropages inscriptus species will be called the “scribbled arowana”. Can you imagine what Arowana breeders could do if they crossed the red dragon arowana with the maze-like markings of the scribbled arowana?*Scleropages inscriptus was described from specimens collected in the*Tananthayi River basin on the Indian Ocean coast of peninsular Myanmar and it is published in the latest issue of Aqua.
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