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    The Schuber Wright Titan HQI + LED hybrid is a sleek looking fixture that uses screw in LED bulbs for the actinic lighting. Constructed out of aluminum, the sleek fixture uses a double-ended HQI bulb and eight of Shuber Wright’s Actinic AC light bulbs for the supplemental lighting. More images and details after the jump.

    But unlike traditional surface mount (SMT) LEDs that use a transformer to take AC voltage and convert it into DC, the Shuber Wright 4W LEDs are screw in us on-chip AC voltage conversion eliminating additional heat and weight in the fixture design without the need for a transformer. These are the same LEDs we are seeing on the Shuber Wright Safari spotlight we brought you yesterday. The company also points out the life of the bulb is also extended by running cooler.

    The Titan HQI + LED hybrid comes stock with a*Sylvania 150 Watt DE 10,000k HQI bulb that might pose more of a yellow look than what reefers may want but would be interesting to see how crisp the coloration is with the supplemental actinic LEDs provide. The HQI ballast is a*thermally-protected GoldenWay Ballast. These electronic ballasts run on 15-20% less than standard magnetic ballasts.

    The fixture measures in at 25.4 x 17.7 x 3.1 in. in size and they even throw in a hanging kit and legs all for $699.99.

    Titan-Aquarium-Lighting-3.jpg Titan-Aquarium-Lighting-2.jpg
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