RSS Schuber Wright Safari LED is an elegant 4 watt moonlight or nano spotlight

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    The Schuber Wright LED is one of the most attractive nano lights we’ve seen in a quite a while. In some ways the he four watt Schuber Wright LED*light could serve double duty, it could be a pretty looking moonlight or a nano spotlight, the same could be said about any four watt LED spotlight but the mounting option makes it stand out.

    Schuber Wright’s four watt LED spotlight is supported by a very attractive side mounting arm which clamps onto rimless aquariums. The $90 package of the four watt Schuber Wright LED lamp and clamp comes in an actinic blue color with a desirable low wavelength peak between 439 and 456 nm, or a white color with an 8000K color temperature. More pics and video when you read on.



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